It has been lovely! Just spending it with my loves, helping Benno study and loving on the Norabear! They are currently snuggled up lounging on me while Nora studies Ben’s face with her tiny hands

Ah, so much love!

Nora is working on spatial permanence, which comes with a touch of separation anxiety. Earlier, she had a mini meltdown when Ben tried to walk into the other room! It’s amazing how tied a mother is to her child, for as her began to cry, so did I! Luckily, he picked her up and all was right in her world 😛

Parenting is a trip, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.


About cultofezzell

Ben's wife, Nora and Emeline's mommy. Finding the joy in this crazy family life while battling rheumatoid arthritis.
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5 Responses to Weekend

  1. betsy says:

    love you & your blog!! ❤

  2. mmmommy says:

    Awwwwww!!!! She’s so so beautiful, I love the intensity on her face!!! And I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl, myself 🙂 Even at 34 yrs old…

  3. stela says:

    Good luck to ben today!!!!

  4. Little Norabug is soo stinkin’ cute! 🙂

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