Just a Little Story

When I was really little, the sun came down from the sky like a ball that I could really hold, and I held it in my hand! It was really cool, but it burneded my hand, so I had to have stitches to sew it up and then bandaids. It hurt really badly. Then, those bandaids weren’t enough, so the doctor gave me special bandaids and they healeded it all up and it was the best hand. Then it was bedtime, so my mom and my dad, called Stephanie and Ben, my mom and dad, took me to my crib and kissed my boo boo that wasn’t a boo boo anymore and said goodnight! Eee Thend.

Your bedtime story, by Nora Mae Ezzell (who prefers to give her full name).



About cultofezzell

Ben's wife, Nora and Emeline's mommy. Finding the joy in this crazy family life while battling rheumatoid arthritis.
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