Turning a Page…

Well, I start a new job on August 1, a new job in a new month. Less money, probably more difficult work, but part of the job includes watching the boss’s granddaughter… Did I mention the new boss is my daddy?? Yep, I’ll be helping him with bookkeeping, billing, admin stuff, etc!

I am so happy! Norabear will miss her wonderful caregivers, I’m sure, as I will miss this job, but the opportunity to be there for her all day, every day, and help my daddy maintain and grow his business was too much to pass up. I feel so very, very blessed.

The teachers in the infant room at the YWCA, Alex and Danielle, really have been amazing. They’ve had my sweet, tiny girl six months now and I don’t think she’s had a bad day. Likewise, the environment in this office is rare… It has a profound lack of tension. I’ll miss it, but, luckily, I’ll only be 10 floors away as daddy’s office is on the first floor of the same building!

I can’t wait to get her new home away from home set up! While this is obviously very exciting to me, it comes with a fresh set of worries… What if I’m not the mommy full time that I think I can be? What if I’m not the employee (daddy, avert your eyes!) that I think I can be while simultaneously caring for little miss? Only time will tell, I suppose…

In other news, Nora likes to stand always now! No more sitting for this girl…

(The crib is being lowered this weekend)

Silly girl only needs mommy’s knees to pull up!

Little plug for the Garfield County Democratic Women’s Club event coming up on August 30th! Frosty Troy is going to speak at Symphony Hall. There will be refreshments, silent auction, and we are asking for canned good donations for Horn of Plenty! Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door and I’ve got em!


About cultofezzell

Ben's wife, Nora and Emeline's mommy. Finding the joy in this crazy family life while battling rheumatoid arthritis.
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5 Responses to Turning a Page…

  1. Keri(kjayesmommy) says:

    So exciting! You will be great at both!!

  2. Cheri says:

    I love seeing Nora standing in a crib in front of the same farm quilt that hung on the wall behind her dad’s crib. She is beautiful.

  3. Angie says:

    That’s wonderful news! You can do it!

  4. If anyone can do it, you can!
    Don’t stress.. it will be awesome!

  5. mmmommy says:

    I’m so so so happy for you guys!! You’re such an AWESOME Mommy already, what will the difference of a few more hours be?
    p.s. I’ll make sure to take photos of shopping carts for you for those days you miss them, lol

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