My little fishy baby and I have been going to parent/child swim class! She has absolutely loved it on the whole. I love seeing her have new experiences, until the experience involves seeing what face-planting into the water feels like!


She loves watching the other kids and has gotten quite good with her feet! Now if only she could keep her hands out of her mouth!


She finally liked the big foam float yesterday!


Thanks to the husBen and my sweet sister, Mary, for coming with and snapping some pics!


I love this lil lady so much, my heart and head threaten to explode on a daily basis.


About cultofezzell

Ben's wife, Nora and Emeline's mommy. Finding the joy in this crazy family life while battling rheumatoid arthritis.
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5 Responses to Swim!

  1. stela says:

    How adorable!! Yay Nora!!

  2. Lisa(oliviasmommy) says:

    awww I LOVE this!! I wonder if my local YMCA offers this. We have a pool in our backyard but our weather has been so sketchy this summer.

    • cultofezzell says:

      Yeah, I haven’t been able to get her in a pool outside! It’s either way too hot or too windy! I bet Olivia would love it if you could get her in a class.. Here it was just $20 for members $40 for non-members, so not to spendy, either!

  3. Thats awesome! We just joined the YMCA and I saw that they have baby swim lessons there. So i was thinking about putting both the girls in lessons here shortly. My oldest has taken lessons twice now and failed both times. lol So i want to start Ara out young but i wasnt sure what all baby lessons involved. It looks like Nora likes it!

    • cultofezzell says:

      It’s really just getting used to the water and some basics for the ones who understand! We sing songs and blow bubbles and practice floating…. The bigger ones jump off the side, dunk their heads, work on “taking big scoops!” It’s pretty hilarious!

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