Our Weekend

It was quite eventful! Friday, Ben and I went to dinner and I couldn’t figure out why I wanted a Newcastle so badly when that is generally not my beer of choice… Then I saw this


Ben pointed out it might’ve had more to do with this


Smart husBen!

Saturday we had an experience in Dillard’s getting a gift for Chelsea’s bridal shower… I’ll spare the poosplosion photo, though it is available upon request! Needless to say, I hope she and Monte enjoy the gift card 😉

While Nora is a people person, she did add a new person to her list of favorites


Congrats, Jonathan- with great power comes great responsibility. Next time you’re holding her and she starts smelling funny… You’re up!

Jonathan was a winner twice over, as he was chosen prettiest toilet paper wedding dress model by the lovely bride!


We wish the bride and groom nothing but happiness in their life together!

Saturday night was a lovely evening hosted by the duo of Baker & Ball, of which I have no photographic evidence, and Sunday morning I woke to this!


Yes, Norabear spent her first night away from mommy and daddy! I slept 5 hours straight with zero fussing next to me, woke up and leisurely laid in bed for awhile, took a very long, quiet shower, and was a little weirded out by the lack of chatter from the other room… She had a great time, though!


She’s got pawpaw and grandma wrapped around that dainty little finger! She was almost happy to see me! Silly girl. I love her a ridiculous amount, but being around adults in the evening was a nice change. Don’t know that I’ll make a habit of it, but it’s good to know her world doesn’t end when we’re away overnight.

Sunday, friends came to visit from Tulsa! We had so much fun!!! Lunch, then an afternoon full of Leonardo’s!!! Nora showed her inner cannibal at Adventurequest…






Angie and family, please still be our friends, even though Nora Mae thinks Miss Nina is delicious! We loved our time with you.

Thanks, everyone for bearing with me through two postless weeks… Many of you know I’m working through a couple things, and appreciate all the love and support


About cultofezzell

Ben's wife, Nora and Emeline's mommy. Finding the joy in this crazy family life while battling rheumatoid arthritis.
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  1. Keri(kjayesmommy) says:

    Missed your posts!!

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