It’s Been a Year…

Well, minus a couple days. I realized it had been awhile, but wow. Many things have happened… There’s been a lot of good, a lot of difficult, a lot of change.

Nora turned two. She is more amazing every day and I still have to pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming- that I truly do get to be her mother, that she really is real. She is so smart and so talkative. Her observations about life astound me daily. She’s had many typical two year old moments and her attitude is definitely larger than life, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.


What else… Ben was elected city commissioner of our ward! He will be official next month. I’m insanely proud of him.


He and Nora continue their daddy/daughter love affair and I’m pretty sure it will cause my heart to explode one of these days.


Oh, and there’s this:



I’ve been pregnant three times this year- a missed miscarriage in April, an unmissable miscarriage in August, and Miss Emeline Fay is the third. Hopefully she will stay put another 12-16 weeks and be as awesome as her sister. Even at 26 weeks pregnant, I’m still slightly concerned that the little human who is currently trying to turn my belly button inside out will never actually exist in the world outside my uterus, but in becoming a believer.

Nora says Emeline like “Emmie Lion,” which is pretty adorable. It took us quite awhile to settle on a name because the only name we had ever been 100% on was Nora and that one is being used by our firstborn. We discussed taking a page out of George Forman’s book and just naming her Nora II or something, but decided against it. Emeline was the name of Ben’s great-great-great-great-grandmother, according to, and Fay has been either the first or middle name of of many women in my family, including my great-grandmother.

I’m sure many other things have happened this year… Hmm. I directed for the first time at our community theater and it was an amazing experience.


I will be forever grateful to these women for joining me in that undertaking. They are all amazing, brave women and I am lucky to know them and to have been part of the journey of The Vagina Monologues this year.

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but my brain power is lacking lately. That’s a start, right?


About cultofezzell

Ben's wife, Nora and Emeline's mommy. Finding the joy in this crazy family life while battling rheumatoid arthritis.
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